Through the use of Micro Technology and Environmentally Friendly Reduced Packaging,
U S Chemical is proud to introduce the future of warewashing.

Micro Technology allows us to concentrate more active ingredients into our case of two 3100 mL shuttles than is contained in most 5 gallon pails. These unique formulations were engineered to handle all of your warewashing needs.

The dishmachine detergents are designed to perform in all water conditions as well as in both low and high temperature machines. The mechanical warewash rinse will provide sparkling spot free results, even in the toughest water conditions.

The ancillary products, Manual Pot & Pan Detergents, Manual Utensil Presoak,
and Sanitizer are formulated with performance and user safety in mind. The MiniMax family of products will provide great results, competitive use cost, environmentally friendly packaging, safety, and requires minimum storage space.

Download L000920 miniMAX Brochure