Manifold QF


The Manifold QF is a versatile system designed to interface directly with the L5000 range of dispensers so that a single delivery line can be used to deliver product to the washer. The system uses water pressure to supply chemical product to the washer reducing the load required on the peristaltic pumps and improving tube life.

All units have an integral flow switch to detect a failure of the water supply with the XL version having an additional pressure switch fitted to provide a safety cut-out in the event of a delivery blockage.

Download L005016 Manifold QF brochure

Download Manifold QF Install Guide

Manifold QF Equipment Technical Bulletins (ETB’s)

Manifold QF Installation Guide / Beta1918 INT issA s1 (Manifold QF TCS Installation and Setup Guide).pdf

Manifold QF Preventative Service Guide / Beta1919 INT issA s2 (Manifold QF TCS Preventative Service Guide).pdf

Manifold QF Troubleshooting Guide / Beta1920 INT issA s3 (Manifold QF TCS Troubleshooting Guide).pdf

Manifold QF Spare Parts Guide / Beta1922 INT issA s5 (Manifold QF TCS Spare Parts Catalogue).pdf

Manifold QF Harness Test / QF Manifold Harness Test.pdf

Manifold QF Cable Harness Issue / 19113,a,ETB,Bad Cable on Manifold QF.pdf