ILS Max is a liquid-chemical delivery system for tunnels or large washers, typically in the 100-1000 lb. range. It is a modular system, capable of serving up to 15 washer extractors (depending on washer capacity) delivering up to ten products to each washer. ILS Max can also be configured to operate with any continuous-batch washer with the easy-to-install tunnel kit.

The ILS Max System provides many safety and performance benefits, including automatic calibrations, out-of-chemical alarms, proof-of-flow/proof-of-delivery, plumbing code-compliant break tank, pump interlock relay ladder to prevent mixing of incompatible chemicals, and dilution with all doses.

No custom engineering or installation is required. ILS Max is designed to fit every large laundry dosing application.

L005012 ILS MAX brochure

ILS MAX Install Guide Rev H

ILS OPL Presentations

060605 ILS OPL and ILS Max Introduction

080125 ILS OPL and ILS Max Installation and Programming

060608 ILS OPL How to Program from the Pumpbox

070817 Continuous Batch Washer Chemical Injections

ILS Max Equipment Technical Bulletins

ILS Max Installation Manual / ILS MAX Install Guide RevH

ILS Max Installation Manual – Español / R18894-00-RevA

ILS Max New On-Off Switch / 15934,a,ETB,ILS Max New On-Off Switch

ILS Max New Pump Motors / R17482-00-RevA

ILS Max Automactic Mode / 061017 Automatic Mode for ILS Max and ILS OPL rev 3

ILS Max Transport Time Setup Screen Bug / 15941,a,ETB,ILS Max Xport Time Setup Screen

ILS Max Flow Meter 50% Reading / 16754,a,ILS Max Flow Meter

ILS Max Lint Clogging Prevention / 16039,a,ETB,ILS Max Lint Clogging Prevention

ILS Max ManageNet Program Installation / R14625-00 revC

ILS Max V2.00 Firmware Bug / 15904,a,ETB,ILS Max Firmware Bug

ILS Max “Y2K” issue in ManageWare V3.0 / 13790,a,ETB,ManageNet Y2K

ILS Max Firmware Upgrade V3.01 / ,a,ETB,ILS Max v.3

ILS Max ManageNet V3.1 / R14172-00-RevF

ILS Max ManageNet Errors During Launch / 14395,a,ETB,ManageNet Error During Launch

ILS Max Protocol Converter Modem / 14571,a,ETB,ManageNet Modem

ILS Max Diverflow Program Lockout Switch Assembly Kit / 11952,Instr,instlDF2key lockout.jpg

DF1 / DF2 / DFT – Smart Pump / Transport Pump Screws Change