Dock and Dumpster

Cleaning the dumpster area is unpleasant and time-consuming for any employee. Soiled dumpster areas not only attract flies and rodents, they are a contributing cause to many slip and fall accidents. Traditional cleaning methods require physical scrubbing of the concrete, strong hazardous product and hundreds of gallons of water.

Dock and Dumpster Treatment instantly applies a “knock-down” fragrance and releases enzyme producing bacteria that attack fatty acid malodors and digest spilled food soils and grease that build up in dumpster areas, trash cans and docks. No scrubbing or rinsing — and it’s easily applied with a garden hose in 60 seconds.

That’s it! Save expensive time and water, and reduce the hazard of slip and fall accidents with Dock and Dumpster Treatment.

Download L003816 Dock and Dumpster Technical Data Sheet